Why not position your business in one of Kamloops' most desirable retail locations? Aberdeen Mall is a major regional shopping centre catering to the City of Kamloops and an abundance of outlying communities in the Interior of BC.


Temporary Leasing & Specialty Leasing

If you have a small business with big dreams, our Specialty Leasing Program is the ideal opportunity for new retailers who want to start small or test the waters for a future as a permanent inline tenant.  A short term leasing prospect is an excellent opportunity to test the market, introduce your product or drive awareness to a new concept.

If you are just starting out, or if you are a small retailer who is looking for greater exposure, a cart at Aberdeen Mall may be a great solution. The cart offers minimal overhead with low start up costs in a highly successful location.

For existing businesses wishing to expand operations and searching for greater exposure our opportunities for a temporary kiosk or inline store may be a viable solution. 

In order to participate in any of the opportunities in the above, please submit the following:

  • Aberdeen Mall Specialty Leasing Application Form
  • Picture of previous setups
  • Sketches of your merchandising plans
  • Picture(s) or catalogues of your merchandise
  • List of items to be sold
  • A copy of your price list, product guarantee and returns policy

We are always looking for new and original concepts to join our team of retailers at Aberdeen Mall and we look forward to receiving your proposal.

For more information contact:

Kristi Williams

Phone: 250-314-6257
Email: kristi.williams@cushwake.com


Long Term & Permanent Leasing

For any long term/permanent leasing including Food Court inquiries please contact:

Doug Basarowich 
Phone: 778-233-6929
Email: doug.basarowich@cushwake.com


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